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Electronic cigarette tutorial

Q:Charger light flickers from green to red every 30-60 seconds:
A:This is completely normal. Even after the battery is at full charge, the charger will continue to recheck to see if the battery will take more juice. So it turns red as it tries to charge but the battery immediately says its full turning the light right back to green again. Depending on the charger this can happen every 30 seconds to every 5 minutes. So if the light is solid green except there these occasional flashes then it is charged and ready for use.

Q:The automatic battery flashes several times after each draw:
A:This is completely normal and is a built is safety setting in the circuitry to help eliminate the chance of consuming to much nicotine all at once. It is allowing you to take a 5 second drag off an e-Cigarette then it turns off and flashes 15 times forcing you to take a break between your next drag.

Q:The battery light is dim and never shuts off or changes:
A:Unfortunately this is a sign of a failed battery or the circuit in the battery is bad. There is no remedy for this situation except replacing the battery.

Q:Liquid is leaking out of the cart:
A:This is most commonly caused by overfilling the cart.Now this can also be caused by liquid that has perhaps been heated. If this is the case then I suggest putting the bottle in a cool shady spot so it can thicken up. Another reason this could occur is if the batting in the cart is old or worn out. If that is the situation then replace the cart with a new one, refill it and try again.

Q:I keep getting liquid on my tongue:
A:This is most commonly caused by one of two things. 
If the cart is over full or if the Vaper is “power sucking” on the e-Cigarette. Remember that there should be no standing liquid on a cart when it is filled.
The best practice for vaping is to take long slow draws off the e-Cigarette, usually just enough to turn the battery light on. This can be especially tricky to a new vaper but will become second nature pretty fast, just keep in mind longer slower draws makes for a better vaping experience.

Q:There is a burnt flavor that wont go away:
A:To verify which component has the burnt flavor, first try replacing the cart. This will help determine if it is a burnt cart or in the atomizer. 
If replacing the cart did not solve the issues then it is most likely in the atty. If this is the case you can try to rinse or clean the atty by using a steam machine to blow hot steam through both ends of the atty. I recommend using pliers or something to hold the atty while doing this as the steam can burn the skin instantly and will make the atty extremely hot. 
A less recommend method I have used on the go when absolutely necessary is to remove the battery and cart and using hot tap water, fill the large end of the atty and then blow the water through it just like the daily cleaning. Doing this 3-5 times and then blow air through it to help get the excess water out. Then stand the atty up on a napkin or paper towel and allow to dry overnight if possible. If overnight dry time is not possible then you can use it immediately, but at first it will seem very watery and produce very little vapor or flavor. Vape on it like normal making sure not to overfill the cart and drown it and after 15-20 minutes of vaping the watery should go away and you will be back to vaping. 
If neither of the above suggestions work then I am sorry to say that the wick is probably scorched in the atomizer and will almost always give that burnt flavor. Replace the atty and be sure to not vape on a dry cart. 

Q:The battery does not seem to be lasting as long:
A:If your battery is not lasting very long or it seems to die prematurely then it is a process of elimination to find the culprit. 
1st- Make sure the battery is charging completely, pay close attention to the light on the charger and make sure it is showing a completed status before removing the battery. 
2nd- Try charging a different battery on the same charger, if it has issues also then most likely your charger is faulty or plugged into an insufficient power source. 
3rd- If the other battery charged and worked fine in the charger then most likely it means one of your batteries is failing. This is normal for any battery, even the Li-Ion batteries used in e-Cigarettes. A little advice is that letting a battery sit on a shelf for a year is just as damaging as using that battery for a year. So don’t think that just because it has sat in the closet not being used that it is still new. Because over time batteries will drain themselves down and if a Li-ion battery gets to low it can never recover back to maximum capacity. 
So use those batteries and rotate them to keep them working at peak performance.

Q:The charger has no light:
A:This is caused most commonly by one of two things. First try to plug the charger into a different power source and make sure that there is power at that plug. If you are certain that it is a good plug and the charger still has no light them odds are the charger has failed and will need to be replaced.

Q:The battery has no light:
A:This is most commonly caused by the battery being dead and needing charged. Even if you just took it off the charger then let it sit for 30 seconds and try it again. If it still has no light then reinstall back on the charger and see if the light flashes and it starts charging. If not then it probably means you have a bad battery or the light on the battery is dead. If it is still working fine, then the light has died, if it is not working then the whole battery is dead and needs replaced.

Q:The atty is getting extremely hot:
A:This can be caused by puffing repeatedly on the e-Cigarette or “chain Vaping”. If you don’t give enough time between draws off an e-Cigarette it never cools from the previous draw and the heat continues to build. This can cause scorching of the atty if not careful. 
Another reason for this is if you are using a sensitive automatic battery in a windy or very loud environment. Both noise and wind can activate the sensor in the tip causing it to heat up the atomizer. This is a perticular issues as to why some people prefer to use manual instead of automatic batteries. 
This can also happen with manual batteries by holding down the battery button to long. Some of us like the manual batteries because it means we have total control over the e-Cigarette operation and can start the heating process before we ever touch our lips to the cart. But this can also be a negative thing as there is no shutoff with the manual batteries. So if you sit on the e-Cigarette or put it in your front pocket and lean up against something hard it can activate the battery causing the atty to get hot and can actually burn your skin through the clothing. So use caution when an e-Cigarette as they can get hot. 
If none of the above conditions apply then it could mean that the atty is faulty or about to fail. I recommend making sure the cart is full as a dry atty gets hotter than a wet atty and keep a spare one on hand as it may fail at any moment.

Q:Battery lights up but atty is not getting hot: 
A:This again is a process of elimination as to what part is not working. First of all clean the threads and center terminals of the battery and the atty. If that didnt fix it then gently slide your fingernail under the center termianl of the atty and turn it a few times. This will life the terminal ever so slightly helping it to make contact with the battery center terminal. Next try putting the atty on a known good battery. If it works fine then the problem was probably in the battery, if it does not work then most likely the atty is dead. 

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